ITHistExporter version 1.0.7781.30232 released

We have released a new version of ITHistExporter(Wonderware InTouch LGH File Exporter)

In this version, two new features were added.

What’s New
+ add new option for unlimited sub tag count in preview.
+ exporting as json format is supported now, the json file code format is ANSI.

Important note:
Full preview will cause more memory and ITHistExporter was compiled in X86 architecture, the maxium memory it can use is 3GB.
For a LGH file about 200MB with 1500 tags, 10 million records, preview count set to 2, loading it need about 1.5GB.

How to update
You can overwrite all previous files with the new ones from the link below. (9340 downloads )

Purchase ITHistExporter License

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