How to forward ArchestrA Logs to syslog server

The aaLogger is a system service that records messages from Logger enabled components. Logs are stored in aaLOG and aaLDX files.

Acquiring logs form aaLogger in real time is not easy, although you can export as CSV format from Log Viewer, to solve this we released a new utility: aaLogAcquisition.

With our tool, you are able to automatically capture and send logs in Log Viewer to syslog server. All you need to do is:
1.Install the aaLogAcquisition service.
2.Config the syslog server ip and port.
3.Start the service and view the logs in syslog server.

Try it now!

We are very excited about the aaLogAcquisition and We hope it can improve your work!

We also make a simple demonstration on the installation.

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