OI Server Version and Build Information

The purpose of this notification is to provide a list of all OI Servers showing the correlation of their series name (and required OI Core version) to the actual product version and build numbers. Use the information in the following table especiially when:

  • Entering online Service Requests. To[……]

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Intouch Color Picker ActiveX Library

XColorPicker is an Activex Control help you to pick a color easilly.

[File Info]
File Version: 19.12.7302.9326
MD5: CA03E43076A74951E1FE0637BAB24F8A
SHA1: F2DDFBC429B30647D9AF61FC4A1FC001CC8E1E3F
CRC32: 4415C351

1.Run Register.bat as administrator.
2.On the Special menu, point[……]

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