Intouch Historical Data Exporter

1、The intouch version must above Intouch 5.1b and later.
2、You must have a USB flash disk to Run this utility.

Currently we only provide USBLock license
1、This utility is a shareware, so you need a license to start ITHistExporter.
2、License will be binded to the USB flash disk, and you must not change the partition state of the USB flash disk.
3、We need your HardID to generate the license, you can find it on ITHistExporter.
4、License is time limited, that means you can not use the software anymore when your licene expired.

Trial Mode:
1、ITHistExporter will enter Demo mode without license, in Demo mode, only 100 records of a tag can be exported.
2、You have ONE week to evaluate this utility on every computer, after that, you will not be able to preview and export data.

Support & Update
1、A license includes an initial subscription of 12 months of free updates and technical support..
2、Subscription plans are for already registered customers. You can purchase a subscription plan once that your initial subscription expires..

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