How to determine the Intouch application version

Is there a way to determine what version InTouch application was created with, without using InTouch Application Manager?

Information is in the vers_res.inf file, but it is a binary file. You can use the ITAppVer utility from WDN,

Download ITAppVer from WDN

But it only shows versions from InTouch 5.1 through 8.0 SP2.

How about the version above 8.0?

In order to help you to determine the new version of InTouch, we made a simple app which name is ItVersionDector, and it’s also FREE now.

ItVersionDector can determine almost all Intouch version above 5.0, even the latested version 17.1(aka Intouch 2017 update1).

Use the ItVersionDector utility to examine the data file version of your InTouch application.

You will be able to view the earliest version of InTouch that supported your InTouch application.

Download ItVersionDector from Wmkit

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