Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 2 Released

Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 2 includes enhancements to the software development kit (SDK), and additional features and enhancements for the component products of Wonderware System Platform.

Wonderware System Platform 2017 introduced InTouch OMI, the first Operations Management Interface to leverage both Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and deliver a next generation visualization experience. Key features added for Update 1 included a Software Development Kit (SDK) to allow programmatic additions to InTouch OMI. New features, including the ShowContent API, have been added to the SDK for Update 2. Help for the SDK can be accessed from the Start Menu, under Wonderware Documentation.

InTouch OMI extends traditional HMI and SCADA applications to deliver a convergence platform for both Operational Technology (OT) as well as Information Technology (IT).

One key aspect of InTouch OMI is its ability to automatically assemble applications based on a data model, resulting in minimal engineering and manageability that has not previously been available.

InTouch OMI enables the first industrial application that will deliver a tailored and contemporary experience to any environment or device, including control rooms, industrial panels, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones.

New Features in InTouch OMI Update 2

Runtime Preview

InTouch OMI now provides a preview session, which enables you to quickly assess changes in a running ViewApp without deploying the Galaxy. A preview launches immediately and runs in a separate window to show the current content being edited. A preview is similar to the fast switch feature in InTouch WindowMaker. A preview session can be kept open while editing a ViewApp. When you save changes made to a ViewApp, the preview refreshes to show the updated content.

User-Friendly Names for Assets and Navigation

A running ViewApp typically shows objects as navigation items that appear by their assigned Galaxy names in the navigation model. Galaxy names may not be intuitive or easily understood by operators. Objects can be assigned more understandable friendly names.

Friendly names are assigned as values of object attributes from the Model view of the ArchestrA IDE. The friendly name, also referred to as an alias, appears in the navigation model of a ViewApp in the ViewApp or Layout editors.

Rearrange Navigation Items

You can drag and drop navigation items to different locations within a navigation hierarchy. This lets you to create a more accurate model of your plant or other physical environment by rearranging the order and relationship of subordinate and sibling navigation nodes, and/or provide more natural navigation for your InTouch OMI ViewApps.

ViewApp Namespaces

ViewApp Namespaces allow you to add custom attributes that can be shared among all InTouch OMI ViewApp instances in a Galaxy. Each ViewApp Namespace can contain up to 10,000 custom attributes, and you can add as many namespaces as needed to support data sharing among all running InTouch OMI ViewApps. This includes running multiple instances of a single ViewApp. You can configure attribute values for each ViewApp individually, even though the attributes are shared by all the InTouch OMI ViewApps in the Galaxy.

ShowContent() Scripting Function and API Call

The ShowContent() scripting function and API call let you place symbols or layouts into specific panes within an InTouch OMI layout, either through scripting or programmatically. ShowContent() is similar to the existing ShowGraphic() function, but extends its functionality for InTouch OMI ViewApps. With the addition of ShowContent, the run-time behavior of the ShowGraphic function has been modified to work identically in InTouch OMI and InTouch HMI ViewApps. In previous InTouch OMI releases, ShowGraphic loaded modeless popup windows into a pane. Now, ShowGraphic will correctly load a graphic configured to load in a modeless window in InTouch OMI ViewApps. See Issue 988079 under InTouch OMI Issues for additional information.

Quality and Status Icons in the Navigation Tree

A quality status icon for the Alarm Adorner attribute is displayed at the right of, and aligned with, alarm aggregation counts for an area object in the Navigation Tree. The quality status icon for the Alarm Adorner uses icons that are globally configured for the status element. The status icon for the Alarm Adorner is shown below the area object, even if the Alarm Adorner is not visible. The icon indicates if the Alarm Adorner attribute has a configuration error, or has uncertain or bad quality.

New Features in InTouch HMI 2017 Update 2

InTouch HMI 2017 Update 2 provides support for the latest versions of Microsoft products and includes several new features. Refer to the GCS Technology Matrix for the list of supported Microsoft products. The following section summarizes the major features introduced in InTouch HMI 2017 Update 2.

Alarm DB Utilities and Controls Support Windows Authentication

The following InTouch Alarm DB utilities now support Windows Authentication in addition to SQL Server authentication.

  • Alarm DB Logger Manager
  • Alarm DB Purge-Archive
  • Alarm DB Restore

The following InTouch Alarm Controls now support Windows Authentication in addition to SQL Server authentication.

  • Alarm DB View Control
  • Alarm Pareto Control

InTouch Web Client Enhancements

There are major improvements in the InTouch Web Client from the InTouch HMI 2017 Update 1 release.

  • Enhanced Workflow for InTouch Web Client testing
    • WindowMaker has now Fast Switch capabilities to go from WindowMaker directly to the InTouch Web Client speeding up development and testing.
  • Major improvements in graphics visualization, including support for the following:
    • Transparency color for FillColor
    • Rotation on Group/Embedded Symbol
    • Blink Animation and Style blinking
    • Gradient Color for FillColor and LineColor
    • Three color gradients
    • Vertical and Horizontal Percentage Fill and UnFill Animation
    • Setting Max, Min, Max Percentage and Min Percentage with reference
    • Pattern Brush and Outline for Element Style
    • Gradient Color for Line, Outline and ElementStyle
    • Chord Elements
    • Writing data to Custom Property using the Slider animation
    • Configuration of Quality and Status Indicators on elements
    • Status Control
  • Internalization Support
  • Improvements to the InTouch Web Client interface
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Support for major browsers
  • Support for pan and zoom gestures
  • Performance improvements

InTouch Script Functions now available in the ArchestrA Graphic Editor script editor

A selected list of InTouch script functions are now part of the ArchestrA Graphic Editor script editor and can be used within the System Platform IDE.

Non-Administrative users can now open Managed Applications

Users without administrative privileges can now launch WindowMaker via ArchestrA IDE for Managed applications.

WindowViewer OS Shutdown Event Handling

WindowViewer is now aware of operating system shutdown events. This allows WindowViewer to promptly release an activated license back to a License Server when detecting the operating system is ending a Remote Desktop Session.

NAD Notification Reminder

A dialog box reminds a WindowMaker user to notify clients when attempting to close WindowMaker if changes have not been notified.

Frame Windows supports ShowGraphic script with ability to set Custom Property

Frame windows can now include ShowGraphic scripts that can set the Custom Property of an ArchestrA object.

New Features in Wonderware Historian 2017 Update 2

The Wonderware Historian 2017 Update 2 (version 17.2.000) includes these features:

  • Improved handling of future data
  • New and improved Wonderware Historian InSight features, including:
    • Ability to add comments (annotations) to content
    • iPad support
    • New and updated language support

New Features in Wonderware Historian Client 2017 Update 2

The Wonderware Historian Client 2017 Update 2 (version 17.2.000) includes:

  • New Alarm and Event overlay for Trend
    When you use Wonderware Historian Client Trend to view tags from Wonderware Application Server, you’ll see any associated alarms and events as part of your trend. When you hover over an event icon or alarm highlight, you’ll see its details.

Wonderware System Platform 2017 Update 2 Readme

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