Demo Download for LGH File Exporter for Wonderware InTouch

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The trial/demo version of ITHistExporter(Wonderware InTouch LGH File Exporter) is fully functional within the following restrictions:

  1. Queries are limited to 100 rows.
  2. You may execute up to 25 total queries and then purchase is required.

If you are having a problem with a query, please contact us for help before you reach the free 7-day trial limit and we will make sure you can be successful. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you!

With our ITHistExporter, you can finish your Intouch Historical Data exporting in two steps:

  1. Select and parse the LGH files you wanna process.
  2. Select the tags and export the data to csv file.

Try it now!

All the raw data in Lgh files can be exported and no data will be lost. So you dont have to warry about your data and nothing will be lost.

Purchase ITHistExporter License (1345 downloads)

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