Wonderware Historian SDK 2017 Update 3 Release

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Wonderware Historian Software Development Kit (SDK) 2017 Update 3 provides programmatic access to Wonderware Historian to configure and query tags and server settings, as well as store and retrieve data.

Wonderware Historian SDK is based on a .NET version of the Historian Client Access Layer (HCAL) and can be used either from stand-alone .NET applications, or from within ArchestrA scripts.

A .NET application built with Wonderware Historian SDK can:

  • Interact with one or multiple local or remote Wonderware Historian servers.
  • Create tags and start storing data locally while being disconnected from a historian server.
  • Transparently forward the locally collected data to the historian server after it becomes available and continue storing data on it.
  • Perform modifications of already collected data.
  • Retrieve data from regular tags, replicated tags, summary tags, and state summary tags.
  • Query and configure the historian server’s system parameters.
  • Retrieve tag properties and historian server time zone information.
  • Reconfigure and delete tags.
  • Support a redundant historian configuration.
  • Store and retrieve events. An alarm is a type of event.


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