Wonderware Operations Integration Servers License

OI Server License Types

●Standard License Features:
●Only 1 instance or version can run, similar to existing DAServer behavior
●License file feature name can be either DAServer or OI_Server v11.1+
●Existing DAServer feature line is supported by OI Servers as a Standard
license for backwards compatibility and upgrades

●Professional License Features:
●License file feature name is OI_Server
●Only available with v11.1+ licensing

OI Server Professional Licensing

●Vendor_String value differentiates the tiers of licensing for OI Servers:
●VENDOR_STRING=count:1                means Standard Licensing
●VENDOR_STRING=count:2                means Professional Licensing

●Duplicate Licenses are read from top to bottom, so Pro license must be
on the top
●When upgrading from Standard License to Professional License, both
SMC and the OI Server need to be restarted before the new license will
take effect

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