Windows 2012R2 with Wsp2014R2sp1 on vmware

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This windows pack is not available anymore. but we will provide a guid how to install the Wonderware System Platform 2014R2 SP1.

This is a vmware os system pakcage, the os is Windows Server 2012R2 standard with Wonderware System Platform 2014R2 SP1 installed. We have installed a Wonderware ArchestrA Demo license for Wsp2014R2sp1, which will expired at jan 1 of year 2020.
Requirement: Vmware Workstation 12+
OS Account :administrator
OS Password:zhenergy

Wsp2014R2sp1 on Windows Server 2012R2 expire 1/1/2020

Product Include:
1.Intouch(With view and maker licensed)
2.Application Server(With driver S7SimatNet/ABTCP/ABTCP/DASSIDirect/MBTCP licnesed)
3.Historian(With Query and Trend licensed)

Plc Driver is on the system desktop.
if the Historian server do not work , use “C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArchestrA\Configurator.exe” to reinit the Historian


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  1. Hi bro. I’m a student. I am studying about WSP but licence is expired. Please help me with new licence 2020. Thank all.

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