Window Maker Loader

Window Maker Loader(LoadMaker) is a software that you can use it to start the Window Maker without the license of development license.

You can use this software in these situations:

1、You only purchased the Runtime license, not able to use the Window Maker.
2、You Purchased the Dev license, but the Dongle is not at the hand.
3、Tired of switching license between Runtime and Dev license again and again.

1、You must have a valid Intouch Runtime license which able to start the Window Viewer.
2、The intouch version must above 9.5(included).
3、You must have a USB flash disk to Run this utility.

1、This utility is a shareware, so you need a LoadMaker license to start the LoadMaker.
2、LoadMaker will enter Demo mode whitout license, in Demo mode, the Window Maker will be randomly closed after 4 minutes.
3、You have ONE week to evaluate this utility on every computer, after that, you will not be able to start this utility.
4、The LoadMaker license must be placed together with LoadMaker.
5、License will be binded to the USB flash disk, and you must not change the partition state of the USB flash disk.
6、We need your HardID to generate the license, you can find it on the LoadMaker.

Purchase Loadmaker License                                              Software download

11 thoughts on “Window Maker Loader

  1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Wanted to tried software for education purposes. Load maker doesn’t work. Where is LMlicense.Dat file?

    1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

      You have 7 days to test the software without license, after 7 days, you must purchase the Runtime license.

      1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

        I got the run time license, InTouch 2014R2 Runtime 1000 Tag/750 Win with I/O|OEM InTouch 2014R2 Runtime. Yes, this is a genuine runtime license, I manage our plant facility but lack a development license. What am I missing?


        1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

          Still lack of development license when using the Window Maker Loader? If you only have runtime license , you must start the Window Maker by the Loader.

  2. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    I understand WWDE, I can see my license in my project and under the “common folder” and then under the “License” folder but when I start the load maker it is not “seeing” my runtime license. My license is there but the load maker still starts on Demo mode. The load maker software is not “binding” the license to the USB flash disk. Great information on your site; keep up the good work. I will donate in the future.

  3. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    So, you don’t offer the full software instead of the shareware? Or, will you be planning to offer the full version in the future?


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