ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility(Vote)

As we all know, we can use the SMC(System Management Console) to backup the System Platform Galaxies manually.
Now, we are planning to make a automatic ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility, using the Galaxy Backup Utility you are able to create backups of galaxies.

Here are some features may support by ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility:
1、Command line support
this allows you to put in an automated solution to perform backups in your own schedule.
2、Backup schedule
this allows you to backup your galaxies hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
3、Objects Backup Allowed
You can backup specific Objects as you wish
4、Version compare
Only Backup what you need when the version changed.
5、Zip and password support
The backup files can be zipped and password protected

So, here is a poll , please vote it.
[poll id=”2″]
If yes, please comment the price you can accept.

Here is a preview version of ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility

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