ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility Preview

1.Run the aaGBU, the utility will show the available Galaxy Repository on the current node.
2.Select the GR that you wanna backup.
3.Choose when to do the backup operation.
4.Choose where to store the backup file.
5.Start Backup Operation


SHA1: DAD84320D02A5363456AAED5E89E3EFDE1A680FA
! remove the expire limition.

Version 3.1.5804.14361
SHA1: 4D19CD02F4DFDC24DCFB55BF8D9588BD16A5931D
! This is the first preview version. This version will be expired at Jan 1,2016

One thought on “ArchestrA Galaxy Backup Utility Preview

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    does this utility have command line options?

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