WSP2017 breaks user interface in Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016 for all users except the account used to install the software


The installation of WSP 2017 causes the Start Menu, Cortana and Microsoft Edge / Store on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 machines to stop working for users

  • Who do not have administrative privileges on the machine, and
  • Who are not members of either the aaAdministrators or aaUsers groups.

This issue is not obvious because most users on a machine fit one of those criteria.

The problem is fixed in WSP 2017 UPDATE 1. A HotFix is created for existing customers.

Affected versions:

  • WSP 2017

Affected Operating System versions:

  • Windows 10 (build 1607 and above)
  • Windows Server 2016 (build 1607 and above)


After installing WSP2017, if you log into the system using another user account other than the installing user, you will not be able to activate the Start menu, open Microsoft Edge, click on Cortana, or use several other disabled functions described below.



This issue occurs no matter how little (e.g. just InTouch Runtime Only) or how much of WSP2017 is installed. The problem occurs consistently and is reproduceable. The installing user will be the only user not seeing this issue after the install.

With the one aforementioned exception, it affects both existing and subsequently-created user accounts as follows:

  • The Windows key is unresponsive, although combinations such as Win+R still works.
  • Clicking the Start button is unresponsive. The Start menu cannot be accessed in any other ways.
  • Right-clicking the Start button is unresponsive. The Power User tasks menu cannot be accessed.
  • Trying to run Microsoft Edge and/or Store, but not File Explorer, results in an Explorer.EXE Class not registered error dialog.

    Figure 1: Class not registered error

  • The desktop language bar is unresponsive. It shows black text on black icon/taskbar.
  • Almost all other system icons are unresponsive.
  • Right-clicking the Windows desktop and selecting “Display settings” results in an ms-settings:display error dialog.

    Figure 2: ms-settings:display error

  • Right-clicking the Windows desktop and selecting “Personalize” results in an ms-settings:personalization-background error dialog.

    Figure 3: ms-settings:display error

  • Playing an audio results in in the following error dialog.

    Figure 4: Playing Audio error


During installation of InTouch, Application Server, or Historian, user permissions are modified incorrectly, effectively excluding some users from accessing specific areas within the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive. As a result, because the affected functionality (Start Menu, Cortana, etc.) require the user to have access to those registry keys, they become degraded or non-functional.


HotFix L00146083 resolves the problem by re-granting user permissions to the affected areas of the registry. The HotFix contains a PowerShell script that executes on the command-line to affect the permissions updates.


Please contact your Support Provider to obtain Hotfix L00146083 to resolve this issue.


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