Wonderware Historian Client 2014 R2 (v.10.6.13100) SP1

Last revision: 12/7/2015

About This Readme

This Readme provides information about Wonderware® Historian Client 2014 R2 version 10.6.13100, which is part of the Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 Service Pack 1.

For information about new features, hardware and software requirements, product compatibility, installation and upgrades, and user documentation, see the Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 Service Pack 1 Readme.

Resolved Issues In This Service Pack

This section describes issues resolved in the Wonderware Historian Client 2014 R2 version 10.6.13100. These issues are listed by their Change Request (CR) number and any assigned Service Request (SR) number. The left column of the table shows the original Change Request in which the issue was identified. The Related Change Requests column lists other change requests that are related to the original change request.

Original Change Request

Related Change Requests




Historian Client language pack ARP entries remain after Wonderware System Platform is uninstalled.




SR 48910844: After configuring a tag that is added to Historian Client Trend (within an InTouch window), closing the Tag Configuration window precipitates an unhandled .NET Framework exception error.



SR 103135492: When the License dialog opens after the Trend tool is open, the Trend tool remains on top, but loses focus and cannot be controlled.



If a trend files is set to a custom time duration, then saved and reopened, the “Update To Current Time” is cleared (deselected). This prevents the trend from updating to current time.


SR 10917325: The .NET version of aaHistClientTrend behaves differently than the standalone Trend.exe and the ActiveX version of the control. InTouch WindowViewer shows the .NET control’s “.ValueAxisLabel” property default as “ValuesAtCursor” instead of “MultipleScales”, even though the IDE shows the object’s .ValueAxisLabel is configured correctly.


The latest version of aaAFCommonTypesV5.tlb is not installed after running the installation program for Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 SP1.


Choosing to upgrade a Historian Server (Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 SP1) generates different results than running a fresh installation.


An incorrect version of the language packs is installed when Historian Client and Wonderware Information Server are added by selecting Modify.



SR 103136342: Saving an embedded aaHistQueryControl in a symbol crashes Archestra IDE.


Changing a query in a report causes an unhandled .NET Framework exception to display.



SR 50310435: The Historian Client Trend tool user interface does not load completely.

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