NumberRecipes Script Function

The NumberRecipes() function counts the number of recipes in a Recipe Manager recipe file.

Installing NumberRecipes()

Click below to download the NumberRecipes zip file containing NUMRECIP.DLL and NUMRECIP.WDF.

Download the file for Windows NT from the Wonderware Knowledge Base.

Using NumberRecipes()

NumberRecipes() optimizes the performance of a Recipe Manager application by returning the number of recipes in a template file. This is especially useful if you are using multiple template files.


Number_of_Recipes = NumberRecipes( CSVFileName );

Where NumberRecipes returns the number of recipes in the CSV file to Number_of_Recipes. CSVFileName is a string that contains the CSV path and file name.

NumberRecipes has the following error codes:

Error Code Description
-1 CSVFileName() cannot be found.
-2 CSVFileName() cannot be accessed.
-3 NumberRecipes gets a read error during its search for recipes in the CSV file.

2 thoughts on “NumberRecipes Script Function

  1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Hi. Is there any way I can convert an integer into String(message) because I will use the int tag as a recipe name incrementing the tag and add it to the recipe manager but the script on saving recipe name only accept String or message.

    1. Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

      Just use ‘StringFromIntg’ to convert an integer to string, this function is a build-in function for Intouch.

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