InTouch Hardware Key Problems

Here are common solutions to problems with the Wonderware® InTouch™ Hardware Keys. In general, the hardware key which comes with your Wonderware software products provides years of trouble-free service. But, like any computer component, the key is fragile and it can break if you do not follow the guidelines in the InTouch User’s Guide.

Problem 1: Key Not Installed – Abort / Retry / Ignore

Situation 1: Key has never worked.

  1. Is the key installed on a parallel port? Install the key by following the instructions in the InTouch User’s Guide.
  2. Is the parallel port producing enough voltage to power the key? Try connecting a parallel cable to the port and a printer to the cable.
  3. Are you using an IBM PS/2 Microchannel based computer? The Parallel port “ARBITRATION LEVEL” must be set to “DISABLED.” Use the Setup (Reference) disks that came with the computer to disable the port arbitration.

If the key still does not work, call Wonderware Technical Support. Before you call, have the information on the Key Failure Form ready for the Wonderware technical support engineer. The Wonderware Sales or your Distributor cannot replace your key without authorization from Wonderware Technical Support.

Situation 2: Key used to work, but it has suddenly failed.

  1. Did the key come loose from parallel port? Reattach the key to the port and restart InTouch.
  2. Has the printer or printer cable been recently disconnected? A printer or printer cable may stabilize an under powered parallel port. Reconnect the printer or printer cable or purchase a third party parallel port and install it in your computer.
  3. Did you use LapLink or Tape Backup without disconnecting the key first? This is a known “key killer!”. Your key probably has electrically burnt out. Call Wonderware Technical Support and report the problem.
  4. Did you remove the key without first turning off power to the computer? This is also a known “key killer!”. Your key probably has electrically burnt out. Call Wonderware Technical Support and report the problem

Problem 2: Product Enabling Code Invalid (InTouch 4.11 and earlier)

This problem arises when InTouch version 4.11 and earlier is first installed or when a new option is installed in InTouch and the Product Enable Code (PEC) has been entered incorrectly. This will cause the key to be inactive and the option(s) or InTouch will not work until you correct the PEC by doing these steps:

  1. Reinstall the PEC by running the installation program from Disk 1 of the installation disk set. The installation program will ask if you want to install the product or update the serial number/PEC number sets. Select to update the serial number/PEC number sets.
  2. Reenter the codes and serial numbers and verify the letters and numbers correspond exactly with those on the sticky label which came with the product(s).
  3. Start up the particular Wonderware product.
  4. If you still have a problem with your key, have your key number available and call Wonderware Technical Support to report the problem.

Key Failure Questionnaire

These are a list of questions you should go through when you are having problems with your Wonderware key.

  1. What were the circumstances surrounding the failure ? How long did the key work? What type of key? Development, Runtime or both? Any special circumstances surrounding failure like slow decline of operation?
  2. Was Lap-Link software or Tape Backup used over top of the key? This will kill the key.
  3. What kind of computer is the key installed on? A desktop? A notebook? (What brand?) The speed of the PC? Rainbow Technologies (the Hardware Key vendor) says that high speed computers affect the key performance.
  4. What is the system configuration? Any usage of special memory management software such as QEMM?
  5. Is the computer installed in a hostile environment? Is it near any source of heat, cold, humidity, subject to vibration or exposed to EMI?
  6. If the computer is in a hostile environment with the key installed, then is the computer and the key protected from the environment with a case or cover? Is the computer custom made with special components designed to be used in harsh environment?
  7. Is the key used only on one computer? Is the power turned off each time the key is removed?
  8. Was the key removed when the external devices (such as tape drive back up, laplink cable, and so on) are plugged into the parallel port?
  9. What kind of printer was connected to the computer? Is it powered up continuously?
  10. Are any hardware keys other than the Wonderware key plugged into the computer?

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