How to recover a deleted Intouch window file


This article from wmkit shows how to revert back to an Wonderware Intouch window before the last save. This method will allow you to reverse changes to a window by using a backup copy of the window. You have to know the name of the window you want to restore.


1. Make sure Intouch is closed, then make a full backup of your Intouch project.

2. To restore a window to the previous version you have to know the window number. To find the window number you need to know the window name. Once you have the name go into your Intouch project directory. This can be found by looking at the Intouch application manager. Open the project path and find the file “ww_wdws.ndx”.

3. Open this file in notepad. It will show you the windows within your application. Cross reference the window name to the number. Write down the number, then close the file.

4. Go back into your project directory. Find a .win file that matches your number. In this example it is

5. Rename this file win00001.old. Then rename the win00001.wbk to This will restore the previous version of the window before the last save.

6. Now your run Windowmaker and you will see your changes before the last save. Note:You can delete the .old file if you are ok with the backup file.


*.win files are development file. Your Intouch Window properities are saving in *.win files.

*.wvw – These files are the compiled versions of the application windows(*.win files).Though the *.wvw files are needed to run WindowViewer, they are automatically recreated from the *.win files at runtime if they do not already exist. But please remember you can’t recover *.wvw files to *.win files.

*.wbk – These files are the backup copies of application window files (*.win). Each time you try to save the change of a *.win file, the WindowMaker make a backup of the current *.win file(to the *.wbk file), then save the *.win file.

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