How to avoid script timeout warnings in InTouch

If ArchestrA script execution is not completed or cancelled within the WindowViewer default time of 5 sec, WindowViewer writes timeout messages automatically:

Figure 1: SMC Log timeout warning

Figure 2: Warning message details


  1. Create an ArchestrA Symbol.

    Figure 3: ArchestrA Symbol

  2. Add a Test script in the Symbol script to consume more time than the WindowViewer default time (5 sec).

    Figure 4: Action Script

  3. Create a Manged InTouch application and import the test symbol.

    Figure 5: Import the Symbol into InTouch

  4. Run the InTouch WindowViewer and click Timout button. The timeout message will appear.

    Figure 6: InTouch WindowViewer


The time out warning message fires when a script does not complete execution within the default WindowViewer timeout period.

To avoid this message we can increase the script time to be more than script execution time:

  1. In WindowMaker on the Special menu, click Configuration/Windowviewer. The WindowViewer Properties dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Managed Application tab if the InTouch application is managed, or Modern Application if the InTouch is modern.

    Figure 7: WindowViewer properties for Managed

    Figure 8: WindowViewer properties for Modern

  3. In the Script timeout box modify a timeout value in milliseconds to be more than time execution time. For this example type 60000. Valid values are from 1 to 360000.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The warring Timeout message disppears.

    Figure 9: Timeout message disappears



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