Youtube: Migrating to System Platform 2017

Wonderware System Platform 2017 is the latest offering that is so ground-breaking, that it deserves a new industry term – Operations Management Interface (OMI).

A powerful and intuitive system that has been built upon a framework of System Platform & Wonderware InTouch for System Platform technology, it has significantly enhanced features that will surpass all traditional HMI/SCADA systems. System Platform 2017 empower users with an experience that goes beyond SCADA; a system with flexibility, scope and the capability of managing all operations.

Many people worry that upgrading their SCADA system means their manufacturing operations will face long periods of downtime. Thanks to the unparalleled technology that Wonderware System Platform 2017 operates on, upgrading/migrating your current SCADA system to our extensible and intuitive platform needn’t be a difficult process.

A snapshot of what you will experience with System Platform 2017:

  • An updated UI experience and simplified development environment enables you to deploy unified, standardised and contextualised HMI visualisations throughout your enterprise.
  • InTouch OMI responds to modern touchscreen and gesture interactions to give users more dynamic control over the system.
  • Eliminate the need for UI coding and scripting with model-driven navigation that automatically generates supervisory structures and tags that mirror your PLC control logic.
  • The most open, scalable and collaborative environment for 3rd party software partners to develop native ‘plug and play’ contextualised apps that bring together IT and OT.
  • Reduce development time with a sweeping out-of-the-box framework that provides native multi-monitor support–making multi-monitor configurations possible in less than 5 minutes.

System Platform 2017 Key Benefits

Easy to Build Build Once and Deploy on any device.
Prebuild Standards Enforce Consistency from any PLC.
Easy to Use Reduce Technical Knowledge Barrier.
Modern User UI/UX Experience Everywhere.
Easy to Own System Simplification/Maintainability.
Minimized Downtimes & Root Cause Analysis.

Watch this webinar to learn how you can protect your investment by migrating to Wonderware System Platform 2017, your platform for IIoT success.

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