Not Able to See Configuration Branches in OI Server Manager


The user is not able to see configuration branches in OI Server Manager and errors are appearing in the SMC log:

  • Invalid value for registry raised at line 629 in DAS_Agent.cpp
  • Invalid value for registry caught at line 630 in DAS_Agent.cpp
  • CDASvrConfig::IsLocked() : IIoSrvCfgRules interface has not been acquired

There are also DCOM errors in the Windows System log referencing a CLSID ending in 00B0D0201D61. Searched the registry for this ID and it related to IOSrvCfgPersist DCOM entry.


  • Close the SMC
  • Open Component Services – DCOM
  • Locate IOSrvCfgPersist
  • Right-click on IOSrvCfgPersist and choose Properties
  • Go to the Security tab and set all Security Permissions back to Default
  • Save
  • Open the SMC

If the problem remains, repeat these steps for DAS_Agent DCOM entry.


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