Intouch Script Function Sample of MoveWindow


MoveWindow() positions a window that is being used on top of InTouch™. See Tech Support Script Function Library to install this function.


MoveWindow(WindowName, Left, Top, Width, Height);

WindowName A Message tag or quoted text (example: “MyWindow”) which is an existing InTouch window or is the name of a Windows application that is currently running.
Left An Integer tag or an integer that is the new left-hand side of the window.
Right An Integer tag or an integer that is the new top of the window.
Width An Integer tag or an integer that is the new width of the window.
Height An Integer tag or an integer that is the new height of the window.


There is no return value from MoveWindow().

Details of MoveWindow()

The WindowName that is passed to MoveWindow() is used as follows:

  1. MoveWindow() checks to see if a child window for WindowViewer exists under that name.
  2. If no such window exists, MoveWindow() sees if a top level window (from the Windows Task List) exists under that name.

This way, the WindowViewer windows, as well as third-party application windows can all be controlled.

The main purpose MoveWindow() is to control third-party applications which are to be integrated into a InTouch application. For example, a small third-party application can be created with a list box. This application can then be set up so that it is always the top window (like the Windows clock) and thus, it will look like it is part of InTouch.

MoveWindow() can also be used to resize WindowViewer windows for special effects such as exploding windows.

Example of Using MoveWindow()

The following is an example script that uses MoveWindow():

{ This is an example script to demonstrate the use of the MoveWindow() function }
{ Activate Notepad. This may allow the operator to type data into, perhaps, }
{ a file which is e-mailed to the shift supervisor at the end of every shift. }
{ See the SendMail() function for more information concerning Emailing files }
{ Move Notepad to the top-left of the screen, and make it really very wide, }
{ but only a few lines tall }
MoveWindow(InfoAppTitle(“notepad”), 0, 0, 600, 75 );

The call to MoveWindow() will move Notepad to the upper left corner of the screen and resize the window to 600 pixels wide by 75 pixels tall.

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