AVEVA System Platform 2020 Download

This artical contains important information about Wonderware System Platform 2020. This update of Wonderware System Platform 2020 includes a software development kit (SDK), and new features and enhancements for the component products of Wonderware System Platform.

Supported System Platform Versions for Product Upgrade

You can upgrade directly to System Platform 2020 from the following versions:

  • System Platform 2017 Update 3 SP1
  • System Platform 2017 Update 3
  • System Platform 2017 Update 2
  • System Platform 2017 Update 1
  • System Platform 2017
  • System Platform 2014 R2 SP1 with Patch 01 and/or Patch 02
  • System Platform 2014 R2 SP1

Note that all existing products must be upgraded to the same version.

Supported System Platform Versions for Migration

You can migrate user-created content (for example, .cab files, .aaPKG files, Historian databases, etc.,) to System Platform 2020, as long as the content was created in one of the following product versions:

  • System Platform: Version 4.5 or newer
  • Application Server: Version 2.5 or newer
  • InTouch HMI: Version 7.11 P07 or newer
  • Historian Server: Version 9.0 P02 or newer
  • FS Gateway: Version 1.5 or newer


Two important new features, the requirement for 64-bit operating systems and SQL Server versions (where needed) and the Flex licensing option, apply across all System Platform 2020 products.

Additional new product-specific features are outlined below.

64-bit Operating System and SQL Server Now Required

With the release of System Platform 2020, a 64-bit operating system and SQL Server version are now required for all System Platform core products: Application Server, InTouch OMI, InTouch HMI, and the Historian. Running in a 64-bit environment provides a common environment for all products, and ensure that you get the best performance from your System Platform installation. For information about moving from 32-bit to 64-bit SQL Server, refer to Issue 1249251 under Install/Uninstall and Galaxy Migration Issues.


For oher information about System Platform 2020, please refer to : System Platform 2020 Released

You can download WSP 2020 from here.

Download Link

Please use 7zip to extract them, the password is : wmkit.com

File: .\SP2020\AVEVA_SP_2020.iso
Size: 5831417856 bytes
MD5: 271E60F0E30B0C1EA4E86D64068C73A5
SHA1: F1250CDB60017367F00104A07E9011CA3DD2CF40
CRC32: 918240F5

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