Intouch Window Maker Loader

Window Maker Loader(ITLoadMaker) is a software that you can use it to start the Window Maker without the license of development license.

You can use this software in these situations:

1、You only purchased the Runtime license, not able to use the Window Maker.
2、You Purchased the Dev license, but the Dongle is not at the hand.
3、Tired of switching license between Runtime and Dev license again and again.

1、You must have a valid Intouch Runtime license which able to start the Window Viewer.
2、The intouch version must above 9.5(included).
3、You must have a USB flash disk to Run this utility.

1、This utility is a shareware, so you need a ITLoadMaker license to start the ITLoadMaker.
2、ITLoadMaker will enter Demo mode whitout license, in Demo mode, the Window Maker will be randomly closed after 4 minutes.
3、You have ONE week to evaluate this utility on every computer, after that, you will not be able to start this utility.
4、The ITLoadMaker license must be placed together with ITLoadMaker.
5、License will be binded to the USB flash disk, and you must not change the partition state of the USB flash disk.
6、We need your HardID to generate the license, you can find it on the ITLoadMaker.

Purchase ITMakerLoader License (3608 downloads )